JoAnn Vaccaro is a folk singer that has performed hundreds of shows, written over three albums of music, and released them all under her own Indie- label, Dwelling Records. JoAnn is known for her witty lyrics, comical approach to connecting with an audience, and sincerity in song. Her newest release, “What I’d Cook 4 u” (2009) blends humor with depth. Songs such as “Coffee Shop” depict the etiquette of open mic culture, “What I’d Cook 4 U”, a creative love song about feeding one’s heart and loved ones and “My Salmon Powered Automobile” a song that uses outside the box thinking to solve the problem of the $5.00 gallon of gasoline. Other titles such as “Second Chance” show a much deeper side. In an effort to try and get as many dogs and cats adopted and placed into good homes, JoAnn wrote the song “Second Chance” about an older cat slated to be euthanized if he was not adopted. Songs like this stir the emotions of listeners, and as a result, JoAnn uses the power of song to change the world around her for the better. “Believe” is a ballad that speaks to following a dream and seeing it through to fruition. As a solo performer, JoAnn has shared the stage with national recording artists Dido, and Teddy Geiger.

When JoAnn is not performing solo, she keeps herself creatively occupied by performing in several professional musical ensembles. In 2005 she joined the Boston based musical group, Hypnotic Clambake, as a guitar player, harmonica player, kazooist and back-up singer. Hypnotic Clambake has shared the stage with Johnny Winter, Phish, Left Over Salmon, and Public Enemy, among many others. Performing music has taken her to Aruba, Jamaica, The Grand Cayman Islands, Isle de Margarita, Trinidad, New Orleans and more. 

JoAnn has been referred to by Rochester papers as “an entertainer that has something to say, and the goods to say it.” Her flamenco strumming patterns, and flare for poetry--coupled with her love for fish and distain for dependency on foreign oil, make for an entertaining show. She is surely one to watch."

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JoAnn Vaccaro
Songwriter and Performer